Body butters, bath bombs and more A complete guide to all new beauty products


01/7Body butters, bath bombs and more: A complete guide to all new beauty products

Butters which can be applied on the body, fizzy bombs which can be used for bathing and yoghurts which can be used for moisturization. Just like these products, there are several other products which are rapidly making their prominent place on the market shelves.

These products not only gain popularity amongst the users but also get included in the beauty regime of all the loyal customers. Here are a few beauty products which you must know about, which will be huge in 2020-

02/7Body butters

Butter meant for skin, is the philosophy followed by body butters. As silky and creamy as edible butter, body butters too are full of moisturiser. Providing a silky touch to your skin and nourishing your skin with essential vitamins, body butters are widely accepted by customers.

Body butters can be used exactly like your usual moisturizer and will help your skin to keep hydrate all day long.

03/7Facial soap powders

Facial soaps powders are proven to be better cleansers which also rinse faster. These powders leave lesser residue on the face and is getting a lot of attention lately. An eco-friendly product, soap powders are as easy to use as any other face wash.

All you need to do is take a small amount of powder on one hand and mix it with water. A think gritty paste will be formed which can be gently rubbed on your face. This is an equally good replacement of face washes, which will also provide you mild exfoliation.

04/7Cleansing balms

For people with extra dry skin, cleansing balms are an ideal option. It comes in a solid form but melts into oil the moment is touches your skin. It removes all the impurities, dirt and dead cells from your face and exposes a fresh layer of your face.

Packed with skin-friendly glycolic acid, tartaric and citrus acids, cleansing balms are an eco-friendly alternative to your usual cleansers. It is also eco-friendly as there is no chance of leakage or spillage.

05/7Bath bombs

Bath bomb, a ball which is slightly bigger than cricket ball and starts dissolving in water the moment you put it in. Bath bombs got a lot of attention from people all across the world with people trying it in bathtubs, swimming pools and even buckets.

Filled with essential salts which are good for the body, bath bombs are a treat to watch, as they dissolve in water.

06/7Body yogurts

Meant for hot and humid days, body yoghurts are meant for use during summer weather. It is lighter than a regular body lotion and less sticky than a cream, which makes it an ideal choice for warm weather.

The product claims to provide moisturization for 24 hours and can be used for all skin types.

07/7Skin polish

As the name suggests, skin polish is meant to make your skin look shinier and cleaner. Filled with gritty bits of sugar and coffee, skin polish creams are a great body scrub to have. essential oils, shea butter and honey present in the polish ensures that the skin retains enough moisture.

You must always be careful while using scrubs as a rough handling on skin might peel off the skin, exposing you to bruises.