Make your own scrumptious Dairy Milk Crunchie fudge in a slow cooker


Is it really a lockdown until you’re baking something?

Currently under a global pandemic, many of of us are taking to the kitchen and putting our metaphorical chef hats on.

Those of us with a slow cooker may be enjoying a few extra treats, such as the Malteser and Bailey’s fudge.

And now comes the Dairy Milk and Crunchie hybrid in the form of delicious fudge.

Fans of the chocolate classics will be delighted to know that someone has come up with a recipe to put the faves together to make one gorgeous dessert.

All you need for this treat is chocolate, butter and condensed milk. While these prized items were hot property in the earlier days of the lockdown, now supermarkets are somewhat back to normal you should have no trouble sorting the ingredients.

And you’ll need a slow cooker too.

One woman shared her easy to follow recipe over on Facebook group Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, where it was a huge hit.

Chanelle Ngohe said the dish was yummy and did not last long in her household.

Though there are only four key ingredients, you can also add vanilla and Flake dusts on top for a sweeter taste.


Two blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk
Can of condensed milk
15g butter
Tsp vanilla
Bag of Crunchie bars 3/4 inside and 1/4 on top
Flake chocolate for the top

To make the fudge, add the ingredients to the slow cooker, leaving some Crunchie bars to go on top with the Flake.

Chanelle explained: ‘Just chucked it all in at once on high stirring it for about five minutes then transferred to another tray with baking paper inside then put the crunchy chocolate inside.

‘Put the garnish chocolate on top when it cooled down a bit,’ she added.

Apparently it tastes amazing too.

She wrote: ‘Honestly is really good!! it’s like chewy crunchy chocolatey goodness.’

Other also swore by the recipe and wrote: ‘Made this yesterday, was so good.’

Definitely worth a try, especially if you’ve got some Easter chocolate eggs left behind.